December 12, 2012

Building Friends

We took a break from Holiday crazy and went to Build A Bear to make a friend.  M.J. made Rudolph and he helped make me the Grinch.
First we had to pick a friend. Which is hard since they are all so cute.

Then we met the nicest Employee named Thomas! Who really made the whole visit just magical. Thomas was engaging with the kids and really got into his role. M.J. really enjoyed making his new friend. 

In order to make your stuffed animal come to life there is a whole dance you have to do while stuffing them and giving them a heart.
Even the biggest kid gets a tickle out of the giggles and laughs coming from the kids.
They have seasonal stuffed animals as well as just regular bears,and a few others.  They even have a couple of animals for charity. 
After you make your friend you can fluff them and then dress them in clothes and accessories you can buy. Everything there is so adorable.
You even get a birth certificate for your new friend!
The whole experience is a memorable one.
Things like this make it priceless!!!!!