May 11, 2013

Horseback riding and PTSD

A few weekends ago MJ  and I attended Family Fest sponsored by the Hudson Valley Renegades. MJ decided he wanted to ride the pony.
The pony is from Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue. As MJ was riding with a volunteer. A very nice woman was explaining they just got certified to work with people with PTSD. People coping with PTSD can benefit from Equestrian Therapy: to develop flexibility, balance, coordination, muscle strength, positive friendly environment, people coping with PTSD sometimes withdraw from society, this gives them a chance to be social  and increase self esteem.
If don't live close enough to work with Lucky Orphans look for a stable offering a similar program!
Lucky Orphan Horse Rescue was started to rescue horses from abuse and neglect and has grown from there. Lucky Orphan Horse Rescue  can be reached by
phone at 845-416-8583 website