January 28, 2013

I-Phone Update

My hubby brought me an I-Phone home and he wanted me to like this phone.  He loves his. I was less than thrilled and kept the I-Phone in its box hoping it would turn into an Android, hey at that point a girl can hope LOL. At that time this was like a glorified I-Pod. To make my husband happy I unboxed it and carried it in my purse. Thats about where I left off, that blog.

Okay fast forward a few months... and the phone has grown on me. I can't say I'm an I-phone groupie but I like it. Honestly never did i think that this phone was the one electronic device I couldn't live without. Ok Ok Ok there I said it. But I'm a victim of circumstance!  My Hubby went on a business trip.  So far it's been our only form of communication. Just the fact I can communicate with hubby makes this phone priceless. I miss hubby.  You thought I was going to write ... I love my I-Phone. Nahhhh.  The I-Phone is growing on me, my husband I'll alway miss when he is on one of those business trips of his!