February 7, 2013

Where In The World Is David Price??

David Price unexpectedly announced his departure on January 24 From Fox5's Good Day New York. There has been conflicting reports about why he left.

I've been a loyal viewer of David Price for a long time. When he was the weather man on  Fox in the early days, he charmed me with the mention of the weather forecast each day for my town. I happen to live in the same town as his parents in upstate NY. While the show airs from NYC.  David lovingly referred to his parents house as "The Price Family Compound." After Fox he worked at CBS. I changed my morning news routine as to watch him. He went back to fox as a co host. Along side Rosanna Scotto. David made a great host with Rosanna.

Friday David announced he was leaving. I am so sad to see him leave. Now I'll have to channel surf once again to find David Price, my mornings will not be the same.