February 8, 2013

Snow Days

As a child I remember at the sight of any significant snow accumulation, we would start praying for a snow day. We would sleepily listen to the clock radio for the announcer to call out our district. The second my brothers and I heard the district name we would scream and jump around. On snow days my Mom always made a huge breakfast.
We would put on layers and layer of clothes, adding to it boots, hats, mittens, and scarves. We went out into the gleaming snow and played for hours.  We made snow forts, threw snowballs, built snowmen and went sledding. By the time we came in we were exhausted, wet, freezing and ready for coco.  Ahhhhh to be a child again. :)
Speed up a few years... as an adult a snow day are announced by text, email and a phone call.  I get to break the news to MJ. He screams and jumps around.  I cook the big breakfast. I help MJ into the layers of clothes, a coat, hat, mittens, boots and scarf.  We sled, make snow forts, build snow men and have snowball fights. ( Is it still snowball fight or did it go politically correct and it is now snow circle conflict?) LOL  Except it feels like no sooner do I get him outside he wants to come in. Off goes the layers. My little one is cold and wet and I'm the one making coco.
I guess not much has changed threw the years. Its nice to know you can always count on a snow day for some good old fashion family time.