June 7, 2012

Mount Beacon Climb

Since I moved to the area as a child I heard about climbing Mount Beacon.  It was something it seemed everyone in the area had done at one point in their life.  All I heard about was how beautiful the views were, the fire that burned and left the trolley and the casino abandon. Everyone left out exactly what it was like to get to the top of this mountain.  So I set out to climb this Mountain so I too could say, "ohh yes, I did that." 
Stairs just start the climb! Then you walk a well walked zig zaging trail, after which it starts to get a little confusing a VERY steep.There are points to stop and take great pictures.  I was told there are lots of snakes in the summer. The views are breath taking! It takes a few hours to hike.  Bring water, a lunch, and good hiking shoes!
 I can now say "ohh yes, I did that!" Ummm why don't  they sell I climbed Mount Beacon T-shirts! I Climbed all the way up and back and didn't get a t-shirt!