June 7, 2012

Out of the Computer Darkness

Somewhere in space and time is lost all of my work, words and pictures.  My computer gave me the dreaded blue screen and then the black screen! Each and every person I took it to or talk to made the same face, that screwed up wince of pain look.  Not only didn't I back up my work but I lost months of pictures that I never backed up and was to lazy to print out. So after I got out of this funk I had to get on the ball of getting another form of computer or laptop or notebook.  The possibilities are endless and the language all changed since I bought my trusty Dell 3 years ago. My mind whirled as I hunted for a new one. Am I getting a good deal, does it have enough memory, will it do what I want, will I have buyers remorse???? Whatever happened to buying something and having it last for at least ten years???

I did learn an important lesson BACK UP my work, my pictures and my world LOL. Life is back to normal, I made a purchase of a notebook.  I have no buyers remorse! Will this last the next ten years... hmmm I can hope can't I LOL!