March 4, 2013

My Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures those things we savor that we don't tell very many people, if anyone at all about. We all have them.  You know you have a guilty pleasure that you indulge in. MMMM yes I have them.

My Guilty Pleasures:
1. Reality TV. LOVE it! Love the Housewives (all of them), Kimora, Mob Wives, Big Ang, and the list grows with the more time hubby spends on his business trip!
2. Fine Chocolate!
3.  A really good book! The type of book you don't want to put down. When is the last time you got lost in the pages of a good book! What was a book you read and it changed you?
4. Artisan Candles and Tarts.
5. Cannolis! MMMM their rich creaminess.
6. A really good chick flick. A movies that nothing blows up!
7.  Time at the salon. it is having my nails done or getting my hair cut, I love the me time.
8.  Smoothies at the mall.  MMMM two of my favorite things.  This one is actually two facts. Smoothies and shopping!!!
9. Bacon! Love Love Love Bacon. Yummy!
 10  Comfy tee shirts of my hubby's. Nothing beats those.