April 6, 2013

How Do You List?

Lists! List! Do you make list? How do you keep your list? Are you a traditional paper and pen kinda person? Or are you a gadget guru? Me, I'm a paper and pen type of person
 I make all kinds of lists! For example; I make to do lists, to call lists, to mail lists, the honey do list, oh and my favorite list the grocery list. yes have learned write it the second you think of it because life goes by and you go blank I guess you can say I like to make list. I'm a sucker for those pretty list pads with different themes. I also  use any paper I can find. I've used parts of notebook paper, backs of envelopes, junk email, anything I can find.I've written it down in marker, crayon, if it writes I'll use it!

For me the worst part of list making is actually being at the grocery store and I put my hand in my purse and low and behold that darn list is still on the fridge or on the kitchen table next to that Brita glass I meant to take with me. MMMM frustration!!!!! Thankfully this only happens once in a blue moon.

I know you guys are say UGH gurl use your darn iPhone for this. Sigh, yes I should but come on I just learn to keep a schedule on it. I'm working on it.

This is one of the reasons I like long hand lists. MJ makes them. Those lists melt my heart1