July 28, 2012

He Had Me At Hello!!!!

It was love at first sight. Except my love was being worn by another. I never forgot it  even though it belonged to another.Years later I caught a glimpse of my love again this time I was determined not to let it get away. From a picture I was able to track down the ring! I was so excited!!!! It is called Hidden Message, and the maker is yoonjunyun.  Link below.

The ring itself is a simple silver or gold band.  It is what is inside that makes it stand out from all the rest.  The inner part of the ring has hidden raised letters that leaves a message imprinted on the skin of your finger. The messages you can get are always, marry me, and a hear. The craftsmanship on the ring is commonly outstanding.I love my ring. I think the concept of it is fresh, new, and edgy. 

The making of the ring was inspired by a Korean song about a suntan mark a man found on his finger after he broke up with his girlfriend and took his ring off.  I can relate to this I only take my wedding ring off to shower and I have tan lines that at this point I think might be permanent.

I have to mention the box the ring comes in.  The box is truly a work of art. The ring comes tightly fitted in the center of a plexi box.  The attention to detail is shown threw every aspect of this product down to the box.


This is an independent review. I was in noway paid or gifted for my review.