July 30, 2012

While My Hubby was gone I Slept With Spiderman

While their Soldier hubbies are gone some women sleep alone, some women sleep with dogs, others sleep with a Jody.  Me, I'm more of the sleep alone in the center of the bed type of girl.  Until Sunday morning when the unthinkable happened!  Spider man had come into my room for a morning visit. As I lazily woke from dreamland because one of the dogs had to be let outside, I spotted him.  Spider man was big, I mean really big, big enough that I could tell he was fuzzy.  I screamed in horror at the sight of this creature. There was one problem with this situation at hand, hubby isn't home and isn't going to be home for a long while.  My husband is the big strong bug hunter in our house. I am scared of bugs!

I ran out of the room.  I figured I would regroup and make some coffee. With the coffee I could make a battle plan!  I used the time to call in a friend. When Janine came I showed her Spider man. We both went screaming out of the room.  That is one huge spider!  My husband does spider killing without all this fanfare.  I guess that is why I'm his princess and he is my knight in shining armour. 

Janine and I decided to get hubbies' extra combat boot and nail the spider. Spider man was bigger than a 50 cent piece. I threw the boot at him.  Spider man raised up his to front arms as if he was going to try and fright this big boot off.  Spider man was a little bit of a feisty one!  After a few attempts of boot throwing Spider man became bored with us and ran off with what was left with his legs.  I'm afraid he has taken up residency under my heater. I'm kind of creeped out by the thought of Spider man recovering and training and  doing P90x  or Insanity. Waiting for his next chance to come visit me to show me.
I live in the woods.  I like to keep the woods and the creatures where they belong outside, not in my bed.I only like one animal in there and he :) happens to be my hubby.

Honestly if this is the only time Murphy's Law will hit I'm ok with it.  I would like this time away from each other go smoothly, with no huge problems! As things have gone in the past car accidents, broken water pipes, moves and much, much, more, this is minor.