July 25, 2012

Someone Asked For My Numbers !!!!

"Last 4.""No not your last four, his last four. ""Last 4!" This is something that is the same across all branches of the Military, know his  last four. It is like the key to the city.  It is something a new spouse learns quickly.  When I was first married just hearing those dreaded words last four made me start to sweat and shake with fear that I would not be able to recall those darn numbers.  Now years later I know his numbers probably better than I know any other numbers in my life.

Was anyone ever going to ask me for my numbers? Maybe just once? LOL I have thought about this over the years. FINALLY! Today was the day! It happened, it really finally happened! Someone asked for MY  numbers, my last four!  After all this time you would think I would be at the ready like a super hero. No that wasn't the case. I stood there with the phone looking like a deer in headlights, taking deep breaths, panicking because for the life of me in that instant I could not come up with MY last four.  After a second thought I had it. I guess I am a creature of habit.  Or maybe it just that my hubby is always on my mind  :).