August 21, 2012

Back to School Shopping Test Part 1

Every parent knows the dreaded task of sending your child back to school!  This year I am running a test.  Is it easier to shop at the mall or on line for school supplies? I split my list into two parts, clothes and sneakers, that I would shop for at the mall and School supply list that I wouls shop for on line.
The first day of the test was off to the Mall with our 6 year old and our Mother's helper to find clothes and sneakers for back to school. I was armed with coupons that had collected from online and various magazines.
Our first stop was Famous Footwear.  They still measure your child's foot and believe me give you great one on one customer service. Honestly I don't think I could get this kind of human service online.
We no sooner got into Abercombie when our son was hungry and becoming increasingly loud about the fact he was hungry.  Ugh the whole world has to stop and find My lovely son something to eat or you can't shop.
We continue our shopping spree at the Children's Place, JC Penny, Build a Bear,Bath and Body, and Target. 
After a long long day of shopping home was such a welcome sight!!!!!

My Observations:  I  did save the shipping charges.  Some of the online coupons didn't work and didn't get honored.  One lesson learned was the last place little boys want to be on a sunny day in August is the mall.