August 3, 2012

Spoil Yourself While he is gone

When your Favorite Soldier goes away whether it be for training or deployment, getting used to a new routine without him or her is difficult.  I  sneak in little presents in the coming days or weeks ( depending the length).  This way you are looking forward to something and not just counting the days until Your Favorite Soldier comes home again.

Some Suggestions for presents to add in to your day while your Favorite Soldier is a away

1.  Go to a nice Salon and get your hair cut.
2.  Start a workout routine.  Start doing that DVD ya bought with such good intentions but never took out of the clear wrapper.
3.  Have Spa night with your girlfriends.
4.  Have a chick flick night and invite a few girls over.
5.  Host dinner at your house and instead of you cooking have everyone bring a dish.  Have fun with this one.  You can pick countries, or best dish from childhood, there are so many ways to go with this.
6. Take a class you have been dying to take.
7.  Get a mani and or pedi
8.Take a hundred dollars to the mall and find little luxuries to spend it on, ie bubble bath, candles, makeup...
9.  Go for a hike.
10.  Have a slumber party with your girlfriends.  Let your hair down, have fun, play games, laugh!