August 22, 2012

Back To School Shopping Test Part II

This is the second part in a two part post about a back to school shopping test that I did.  Our son's school gives you the supply list for the next school year in June. After I hunt it down because I put it in a secure spot that I moved about ten times. After all I am "paper keeper" in our house. I am the keeper of lists, memos, newsletters, impotant paper to include mail, an any other piece of paper that comes into the home.(This also includes yellow post it shoved in ACU pockets that read bring home MILK which I get to promptly file in the circular file.)
List located I sit in front of the computer with my credit card, and my coffee in hand. I have high hopes of blissfully sipping coffee and getting everything on this list all in one place. As I really look at this this I am shock at what they now ask for! Ear buds for Ipads! Dry Erase Markers! What happened to the good old crayons and pencils. This list even tells you which name brand of pencil. Since when did teachers get so picky about Brand names of pencils!
To get the list complete I had to go to many stores on the computer which meant many shipping charges. I used a big superstore first which didn't have the prices that their store did.  They were out of many many many items. which was sad.
My Observation: You do not get the prices you do at the stores. The shipping charges can add up.  97 cent shipping is only on certain objects. Free shipping is on nothing  I need.  One stop shopping is not going to happen