October 30, 2012

Come To The Dark Side....

All Summer all I have heard is the ominous statement of " come to the dark side."  I started to think I was Princess Laya Star Wars and had married Darth Vador not a bad idea if your a Trekie but I'm not.  I'm just a girl who LOVED and Android.  I was in love with my phone.  My phone knew all my friends,  kept me on schedule, kept me entertained, kept my lists, my pictures, my messages, helped me shop, ohhhh yes and made calls.  My husband who might I add is a talented Recovery Spec. for the Army. ( impressive title right), sigh in Kathleen speak he is capable of driving a big black thingy. Anyway hubby circle around like a buzzard and dying prey or a tow truck driver when your car is finally paid for and is starting to break down every 100 miles.

A little background on this: Hubby's android had died earlier and he had gotten an IPhone which he now thought was AMAZING, and I should have one.  Draw back to his plan I LOVED my  Android.He decided he would just wear me down or wait until my Android finally died, either way I would "come to the dark side."

Every time hubby mentioned giving me an IPhone yet another piece would fall off the Android or it would stop doing something or not connect right or just blink. UGH. Each time it would hiccup he would circle like a mad tow truck driver, with a hope this time I would give in. It became a battle of the wills.  My Android was held together with a Capt. America Sticker I had been given by my son.  It was a joke in my family who was going to last longer.

Finally one dark, gloomy, rainy, day it happened my beloved Android worked no more. It had taken it's last charge, sometime during the night my Android slip without a beep into slumber never to awake again. Tower Truck man finally got his way. I had to come to the dark side. No I was by all means not ready, but I had to go. Coming in for the kill. When my husband gets out of the Army he should consider a career in repossession. (Hook the car and get out of there)  Wasting not a heart beat he was at the store buying me the IPhone of HIS dreams, my new phone. Like a proud Dad he bought all the gadgets that go with it.

I do have to say IPhone owners are like a cult. They are big into their phones and app's.  If you don't love the IPhone they will give you at least a 10 minute lecture on why you should and what app's you should have. As for App's Keyring and Pandora seem to be the two app's always mentioned.

All I can say is the IPhone is growing on me.  RIP my droid the big bad beast made me get an I phone you will always be missed.