October 30, 2012

Sleepy Hollow

M.J. as a treat one night watched "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" the Disney cartoon.  MJ kept talking about Sleepy Hollow and going to see where the famous chase took place. Just by luck we only live 45 minutes from Sleepy Hollow/ Tarry Town.It is a charming, ok ok it does lend itself to being Spooky just look at the road getting there. This is Route 9 headed south about 3 o'clock. Notice how desolate it is!!!!
Spooky Hollow cemetery is the final resting place of many people not just Washington Irving.
We were able to go down the night they had their block party and parade. MJ had a great time.  Sleepy Hallow has some of the world's nicest cops! They always have time to help a tourist! Thank you Vinny for suggesting Fleetwood Pizza!  What a great pizza!Here is a great tourist tip if you need a good place to eat, ask a cop!Never has failed me yet!

The block party was nice, it had a small town flavor to it.  I was a tad disappointed with Sleepy Hollow having been there a years ago, there were few decorations and no music floating threw out the town.I'm not sure if it was the rain that put a damper on it or the economy this year.
MJ at the block party dancing

MJ was the GodFather for the blockparty.

For M.J. being able to be there made the story come alive even if it is only a story.

It is a Story Right !?!