March 6, 2013

Bubbies On Base

I never really gave much thought to breast feeding in public or on  post for that matter. After hearing about the controversy over a breast feeding woman in a store on a base ii believe to be in Hawaii, I have thought about this issue.
I really don't understand why a breast feeding woman is such a big deal. Bubbies and babies being hungry are natural parts of life.  I have to admit, I would not  be comfortable enough to do it in public but some women are.  I do feel however they make blankets, shirts and cover up just for women to breast feed discreetly in public. I have to say I'm middle of the road and understand both sides of the story.
Maybe the answer in this situation is to build a mommy comfort station. Somewhere Mom can nurse her baby in a private room. Then both sides would be happy.

***These are my thoughts. My Hubby was unavailable to ask  this question.***