March 28, 2013

Did Ya Put A Ring On It???

Do you wear your wedding band? Does it have the power to fend off the opposite sex's come ons? Does it remind you not to cheat? Or is it a really nice piece of jewelery? I really never gave it to much thought, until I saw the latest episode of Duck Dynasty. 20 years ago Jase lost his wedding ring. Missy and Jase go to replace it.
Wearing a ring on your left hand to symbolize marriage comes from an old belief that one of the veins in that hand runs to your heart
Before my husband left on his business trip he asked if I minded if he left his ring home. I didn't see it as being a huge deal. In his line of work it could be  potentially hazardous to wear the ring.  As for me, I always wear mine, I rarely take it off. Most of the men in my family do not  wear a wedding ring. Maybe that's why it doesn't bother me. 
 Is a wedding ring just a pretty metal band around your finger? .My  ring is the nicest piece of jewelry I own. Ok aside from the necklace of straw, yarn and construction paper bats my son made in preschool. Yes, I'm VERY sentimental.
Does the wedding ring serve as a reminder not to cheat? MMM not for me. My love for my hubby keeps me from cheating.
Do you think if your spouse wears it does it keep the opposite sex away? Umm, no it does not have any super powers.
I think, you have to chose for yourself what makes you comfortable. This is one time I think it is best to decide for yourself not just go with tradition