March 26, 2013

How To Survive A Cold With Style

1.  Dress for the occasion! His old soft tee shirt paired with boxers or sweat pants.

2.  Cold  Medications of choice.

3.  Tissues. MMM my favorite Kleenex Cool To The Touch. ( They also come in such a pretty blue box. After all this is about surviving in style.

4.  Entertainment!!!! Movies, books, magazines, TV Shows. (ITunes is great for this!!) You can fall asleep and pick it up where you left off when you wake up!

5.  Burt's Bees for chapped lips.

6.  Four to six big soft fluffy pillows. Comfort is always in style!!!

7. Great beverages! No not cocktails. LOL. Orange juice,  sparkling water, flavored seltzer water, for example.

8.  Cough drops.

9.  Fashionable shoes! Every girl needs shoes! LOL. Comfortable slippers, does it really matter what they look like your sick!!!

10.  Great scents! Sinus Soother tart from

11. MMMM Soup just like Mama made. Chicken Soup- Mom's cold remedy.

12. Moisturizing shower products. Nothing feels as good as a hot shower when you have a head cold.

13.  Sugarless hard candies or gum.

14.  Ice Pops are not just for kids. Ice Pops are great for soothing a sore throat!

15.  Activities to keep the kiddies occupied! Some examples are Playdough, paper and crayons, foam shapes, glue and paper, or making paper airplanes

Deployment Tip

Collect items while you are well and toss them in a box to keep in your closet. This way you have them when you are sick and don't have to go out and get some of them.