November 17, 2012

10 Things Every Woman Should Have

10 Things I Think Every Woman Should Have
1.  A little black dress!  Every girl needs a black dress you can add accessories to and change the look of. 
2. 3 Pairs of fantastic shoes!
     1 pair of great flats.
     1 pair of universal business height  heels.
     1 pair that you wear with number 9.
3.  A killer chicken recipe. Nonni says " the way to a man's heart is threw his stomach." Lets face it we all have to :)
4.   A sense of Humor.  Ugh this is very important. Humor gets you threw the horrible times for example Deployment ok enough said there.
5.  A good friend.  One you can call in the middle of the night, who understands why you just hate her, one who laughs with you, crys with you and is willing go on a road trip it anywhere!!!!!
6.  A signature perfume." The scent of her lingers. "  Always use perfume as it is the purest form and it lingers on him and clothes, sheets etc. for hours. LOL.
7. One great love of a lifetime.People have written rules of attraction, rules of engagement, none of that matters with that one great love of a lifetime.
8. One great piece of jewelery. Ummm yeah no not your engagement ring. Whether it is a Necklace, pin, or ring, one statement piece.
9.  Perfect set of PJ's!!! 2 sets
      1 comfy pair
       1 that makes YOU feel like the sexiest person on the planet.  Ohhhh yeah don't forget the shoes from number 2!
10.  Mascara!!!! It makes your eyes pop. If it is the only thing you put on it is the one thing that instant wakes your look up.