November 6, 2012

Thanksgiving the Forgotten Holiday

Some where between the candy rush of Halloween and the jiggle bells and packed malls of Christmas we forgot about Thanksgiving. This year the first Holiday Season TV ad came out a week before the first piece of Halloween candy ever fell in a child's bag on October 31. I just happened to be in the Mall on November 1, it looks like a Christmas wonderland. The decorations adorn the mall already!

I remember Thanksgiving as a big Family event.  The women  of my family spent all week cooking special recipes you never say any other time of the year. Thanksgiving day  started off with wonderful smells drifting from the kitchen. We watched the Macy day Parade. At the end, Santa without fail would come every year. Santa kicked off the Christmas Season. You didn't see or hear of anything Christmas before that.No matter how many family and friends and kids there were we all had dinner together and there was always room for that last add in or two or three.  No one left to go to a pre sale or to the movies. Nothing was open on Thanksgiving day. If you forgot to buy something ugh... Let's face it you were talked about until Christmas, and you prayed someone screwed up by then. LOL.

In recent years Thanksgiving doesn't have the same meaning. It seems to be glanced over, like a speed up, to Black Friday. Next time you watch TV or go to shopping look no one even mentions Thanksgiving.  It has become the forgotten Holiday.