November 3, 2012

Gas Wait Wait Wait Gas

Isn't it funny how until we start running out of something we take it for granted.I have a friend who has an app on his phone called Gas Buddy and two weeks ago gas was dirt cheap in Toledo Ohio. This he was compelled to tweet about. Road Trip umm no I'll pass. Not that I don't like Ohio. I like it there just there just fine. In fact our cat Ohwyio is actually a native Ohio, so is my hubby and his Family. But to go for gas there for us is not just economical no matter how cheap. 

 Last night with a sleepy child and a car loaded with groceries and melting ice cream only to pull in to gas station after gas station to find out they were out of gas!!!! Sorry no gas! Were they joking?! No, they serious. Sandy, left parts of NYC, Staten Island and Long Isand without gas, food, and electric and the gas crisis was branching to Dutchess County NY.  I finally found a gas station that had gas, only to wait in a LONG line.  After grocery shopping and hunting for a gas station that had gas a line was the last thing I wanted to wait in. I kept telling myself at least I found gas.

On Facebook today people are posting which gas stations had gas, lines and which were out. It is so heart warming see people pulling together and helping each other. In all that has been wrong with how politicians have handled Sandy it is wonderful to see average citizen coming together and handling things.