November 19, 2012

Santa Claus Post Marks

I saw this a few years ago and did this for Little Beast From Santa when Big Big was stationed in Korea.

You can have letters and cards Post marked from Santa Claus In.  They have this really cool picture cancellation stamp on them.  It's a neat idea for holiday cards, letters from Santa, Family newsletters, or just a Christmas fun letter to your Soldier overseas.

- Allow a 2x4-inch space near the stamp for the Santa postmark;
- Add postage stamps to your cards or letters before bringing them to the post office;
-The special Santa postmark is only available in December;
- Limit your requests for the Santa postmarks to 50 picture postmarks (hand cancellations) per person per day.
-Must be get to the postmaster at IN by the 15th of Dec

If you want to have the Santa Claus Post Office add a picture postmark and then send your holiday mail  to your recipients, package all your cards and letters -with postage stamps affixed-in a sturdy envelope or box, and mail to:

Santa Claus Postmark
Santa Claus Station
Santa Claus, IN 47579-9998